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Which other qualified professionals will be involved with my child?

Sometimes we may need to ask for your permission to involve other qualified professionals to support your child.


The governing body, through the SENco, ensures that other appropriate agencies are involved in meeting the needs of of pupils with special educational needs.  Click here to find out about the agencies which school regularly works with.


Louise Dore, the DSEN governor, meets regularly with the SENco.  The SENco, reports regularly to the governing body regarding the number of pupils and their additional needs.


The governing body regularly reviews both policy and the information published on the website to ensure it is up-to-date, parent and pupil friendly and in line with government policy and the Code of Practice.


When another qualified professional works with your child,  we will always ask your permission before the member of the outside agency is introducedThe content of the meeting is confidential and is only shared with parents and the SENco. 


Please speak to Mr Ingram if you require any further information.