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Primary School

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Autumn 1

  This term is called 'All about me'

Children will start this unit thinking about their bodies, the different parts and what they can do.  They will learn about their families and how we grow and change over time and will think about what they might like to do when they grow into adults.

They will also learn about the place where they live and about the local area. This leads on to children learning about people who help within our local communities. Children will focus first on people who help in our every-day lives such as shopkeepers, doctors, teachers, delivery drivers etc. Then children will learn that some people help us if there is an emergency such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics. 

Finally, after thinking about themselves, where they live and people in their community, children will finish this unit by thinking about the changing seasons.  Children will build on their understanding of seasonal changes in Reception and Key Stage One in Science.

Knowledge Organiser All about me

Dan and Diesel | Read Aloud Story Book for Kids

Whilst thinking about our bodies this term we will be listening to the story about Dan and Diesel. This is a story about a character with a visual impairment and will lead to discussions about how we are all unique.

Love Makes A Family | Read Aloud Storytime for Kids

In our second Understanding of the world lesson we will be thinking about how families grow and change over time. Here is a story we will be sharing in class.