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UKS2 Poetry Slam (Nov '23 / Feb '24)

Year Five and Six Poetry Slam (November 2023)


In November, the children in Yrs 5 & 6 had a special and very talented visitor - friend (and ex-pupil) of the school - Spoz! He spent the whole day helping us to learn about performance poetry, as well as having lots of fun.

The most important part of the workshop was working in teams to create our own performance poems, all with the theme: Refugee


At the end of the afternoon, the groups had to perform their poems and were judged (given marks out of 10) by our teachers, who found it exceptionaly hard! After much debate, the winning team was announced: 'The Grammar Grannies' for their poem 'A Better Life'.




Poetry Slam with Spoz

Performance at Birmingham Hippodrome 21.02.24.


After winning the Yr5&6 poetry slam, The Grammar Grannies took their poem, 'A Better Life', for a performance in the regional final at Birmingham Hippodrome in February 2024.

Hear them perform their poem, with a special and heartwarming message for Refugees and Asylum Seekers by clicking here