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Gangs - criminal exploitation

There are some signs to look out for if you’re worried a young person has joined a gang, or is being criminally exploited. 

It may be hard to spot at first, but the sooner you’re able to talk to the young person the more you’ll be able to help them.

  • They’re getting lots of texts and phone calls but are being secretive about who they’re talking to.
  • You’ve noticed a drop in grades and a reluctance from them to go to school.
  • They’re not showing up at home, school or their clubs and activities.
  • They have new clothes, phones or games and can’t explain how they paid for them.
  • They’re not hanging around their usual friends but are spending time with new people, who are sometimes older.
  • Going missing from home or not showing up to school or regular after-school groups or clubs.
  • Become involved in low-level criminality such as antisocial behaviour.

Gangs are often linked to criminal activity, so it can be useful to recognise certain types of behaviour and signs that your child may be involved in gang-related crime.