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Welcome to the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.



Parish Priest: Fr. Srinu Bonthu 0121 453 3452



Parish Safeguarding Rep: Pauline Griffin-Parry 07810 557197


Leach Green Lane, Rednal, Birmingham B45 9BQ


Weekend Mass times:

Saturday - 4pm 

Sunday - 11am


Confessions on Saturday 10:30-11:00am


Raise funds to secure and protect our church and presbytery


Many of you will remember that last year we had 5 windows down the side of the church broken by a gang of youths. These windows have been made safe but not yet replaced for a number of reasons but mainly because the same is likely to happen again. Some of you will also be aware that a couple of months ago at 2:30am on a Saturday morning a group of 6 lads walked through Fathers driveway with one of them violently kicking his front door and snatching the ring doorbell. Both incidents were obviously logged with the police, but it seems that little can be done, despite the fact that they were caught on CCTV. Since then, stones have been thrown at the windows in Fathers house on numerous occasions. Historically many of you will know that two previous Parish Priests have been viciously attacked and robbed in the Presbytery.


Father Srinu has a duty of care for all his parishioners which he exercises to the fullest extent. Equally as a parish and school family we have a duty of care for him. It is the responsibility of each one of us to try and ensure his safety. With this in mind, it has now been decided to erect gates at the front of Father’s house and also at the bottom of the side steps that lead from the road down to the car park. This will hopefully prevent groups of young people congregating in the porch of the side door of the church, where in the past they have been using drugs and defacing the door. It should also help protect the windows down the side of the church from further damage, allowing us to replace them.


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