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Primary School

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If my child has additional needs can they take part fully in school trips, performances and social events?

Children with additional needs participate in after school clubs.  You just have to apply!


The school curriculum includes trips out to enrich the experiences children have.  We also have trips for children whose attendance is one hundred percent and whose punctuality is outstanding.  Children with additional needs are often in this group.  Our risk assessments are inclusive of DSEN children and one to one adult support is provided, should this be required.


Parents are consulted regarding specific needs, including those children with medical needs, so that all children have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

All children are invited to take a lead role in their class Mass and participate in ‘prayer service assemblies, nativity or school play.


When we have very sensory high activities planned, the additional needs of pupils are considered.  Whenever possible, all children join in unless participation, especially around noise level, may cause the child distress and anxiety.  We will provide these children with alternative options. We often find our ASD children like to dip in and out of school disco time, retreating to the computer suit for a breather!