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Remote Learning

Update 04/01/21 - The DfE have published a list of recommended sites that they deem educationally beneficial for children.  They can be found here


This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils, parents and carers about what to expect from our school now that we are in a period of national lockdown with the majority of pupils learning from home until February half term.

It also sets out the expectations of you as parents and of the children themselves. The best place for children to learn is at school. However, together, we must try to make the best of this current situation to ensure that children remain engaged and continue to learn, develop their God given talents and flourish, despite the current challenges.

How will my child in Reception, KS1 and Y3 access remote learning.



Every child in the school has already received a copy of their BGFL 365 login and has been shown how to access planned learning materials.


From Year 3 to Reception, there will be a folder of learning each week.  It will give clear guidance of tasks that the children should complete daily as well as any resources that are needed for that lesson. The class teachers will be able to monitor what the children have completed online. Some parents may choose to upload work each day. This will allow teachers to make appropriate comments that can be read by both children and parents.


How will my child in Y4 - Y6 access remote leaning?

Children in these year groups have been trained to access TEAMS. Work will be assigned to children daily, following a weekly timetable. Teachers will review and mark work that is handed in.


What contact will my child have with their teacher whilst at home?

KS2 children  will have daily Zoom meetings with their teacher so that they can be supported with their online learning throughout the day. KS1 classes will have phonics/English and maths Zoom lessons and once this is embedded they will begin to Zoom in for an afternoon lesson.  


Will my child who is at home receive the same work as children in school?

The work set by teachers will be exactly the same for all children whether in school or at home. 


Will my child receive a reading book?

We have taken the decision to NOT send home individual reading books at this time.  However, KS1 and Reception have access to online books within their BGFL folder and have been allocated books on Active Learn.  KS2 children  have access to their class reader through their English lessons and assignments on Teams. Children are also set non fiction texts to support the wider curriculum where appropriate.


What other logins should my child have?

Reception and Year 1 children should have the Active-Learn accounts.  All Children should have a logon for Easimaths and Spellzone if appropriate. Year 2-6 should have Numbots and/or TT Rockstar accounts. Year 6 should also have Sats Companion accounts.  


What if my child needs help with the work?

As mentioned above, the teachers will be contactable throughout the day via Zoom and will be monitoring the work produced by the children.  Children can talk to their teacher directly during Zoom meetings as they would if they were in the classroom. Teachers will guide the class as a whole once marking or teaching identifies problems.  We appreciate that you as parents will be trying to juggle many things at one time, so please do not allow this work to become a point of conflict or source of stress.  Encourage your child to do what they can and let the teachers interact with them daily to move their learning on.


What if I have problems getting online?

School will be in contact with you to ensure that you have appropriate devices and access to the internet. Teachers will provide packs of work to support younger children.

Contact the school at any point should you need support.