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Staying safe online

Important Information If Your Child Uses / Plays Roblox

September 2020

Roblox has been called "the world's most popular game you've never heard of." In fact, this massive multiplayer online game has recently outstripped even Minecraft's user numbers.

We have recently become aware of some worrying content accessible to children at St. James' who have been innocently playing games on Roblox. We want to make sure that you - parents and carers - have all the information you need to make sure your children are safe online if you choose to let your children use this online digital 'playground'. 

Below you will find some useful guides about Roblox that have been written for parents. There are also some links to other websites in the 'Roblox Online Safety Links for parents' that will keep you clued in about all major apps, social media and online gaming websites. Begin your research by watching the very useful video below.

Do remember that the key to keeping your children safe online is encouraging them to talk to you and to always be open and honest about the things they may access or see.


How to keep kids safe on Roblox

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Learning to stay safe online is as important as learning about any other element of keeping safe. Indeed, many of the potential dangers in the real have a digital equivalent.  For example, you would never allow your child to talk to a stranger on the street, likewise you would never allow your child to talk to people they never knew on computer games or on social media.


Once a year, the school holds an anti-bullying week, which includes a focus on how to protect yourself against cyber-bullying.  In Safety week, children have a session with an outside agency who teaches about being respectful and responsible whilst online. We always endeavour to keep abreast of trends nationally and locally and will advise children and/or parents accordingly. The school holds regular assemblies to promote keeping safe online, and is following a scheme of work created by South West Grid for Learning.  Useful links, including an overview on the digital literacy curriculum, are below.

Digital Parenting - Safer Internet Day 2018 film for parents and carers

This film accompanies the Safer Internet Day education pack for parents and carers created for Safer Internet Day 2018. The film looks at what is important in digital parenting and signposts parents and carers to resources they might find useful.

Online Safety for Parents' June 2018

Digital Literacy Overview