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The Friends of St James’

The friends of St James’ are an ever changing group of parents, carers and friends that are committed to organising events and raising extra funds to support the children of St James’ school.  We meet on a regular basis to organise fairs at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. Towards the end of the last school year it became increasingly difficult to run events due to fewer and fewer volunteers so a huge thanks to everyone who came and helped at the Christmas Fair. However we still urgently need more people to join us and help with these events as it is through these events that we raise the money to help our school.


Please come and join us in any way that you are able so that we can continue to organise events for the children of St James’. We really do need any time that you can give us …


We have raised an amazing amount of money during previous years and consequently have been able to support the school purchase many items including the much used stage lighting, the playground climbing frame (used continuously by children at every given opportunity), the outdoor stage, Christmas and leavers’ discos and most recently a large contribution towards the purchase of the school minibus. We are now raising money to help replaced the worn out staging in the hall.


The children of St James not only benefit from the money raised but also have great fun helping us to raise it at these events.

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