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In reception we learn phase 2 and phase 3 phonics.  Towards the end of the year we move on to phase 4 when the children are ready. It is important to know the letters of the alphabet, but in reading we teach the sounds of the letters as well as the letter names.  We can then blend these sounds together to say a word, e.g. p-a-t ----pat!  We learn phonics through a scheme called 'Phonics Bug' and also through sound boxes.

All you need to know about phonics - Bug Club Phonics - Pearson

Sophie Thomson, Head of English and extended curriculum at Pearson, explains on this video the basics of phonics, how they work and provides practical guidance to help your child learn to read at home.

Phonics sound mats. Click each image to enlarge

Sound Folders

Your child will soon be bringing home their very own sound folder. This will consist of pink sounds to learn, sometimes yellow words to learn and blue tricky words too. It would really help your child to practise reading the sounds and words for 5 minutes each day. 


At the beginning of the year your child will be 'sounding out' words e.g. p-a-t ----- pat, but the aim is that your child will be able to read these words fluently without having to 'sound them out'