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In the loving peace, justice and joy of Jesus, we achieve.

School Council

Our school councillors

St James Olympics Day


On Wednesday 10th July we will have a St James Olympics Theme Day.


The chosen countries are

Reception - Spain

Year 1 - Jamaica

Year 2 - GB

Year 3 - Brazil

Year 4 - Australia

Year 5 - Japan

Year 6 - USA


We will start the day with an assembly where the children will process with their country's flag. The children will be able to come dressed in their country's colours for that day.


During the rest of the day the children look at athletes (for both the Olympics and Paralympics) who are completing for their chosen country and  study the Country itself. 


It will be a great introduction to the Olympics on Friday, 26 July 2024 – Sunday, 11 August 2024 and the Paralympics on Wednesday, 28 August 2024 – Sunday, 8 September 2024.



Down Syndrome Day 2024 - 21.3.24

On Thursday 21st March 2024, the school council organised an odd socks day for Down Syndrome Day. The children also held a basketball session to celebrate our differences. 

Mental Health Week - February 2024

Work from classes during Mental Health Week 5-8th February 2024

May 2023 - the school council met up with the kitchen staff to discuss school meals.



 School Council Job Description

In the loving peace, justice and joy of Jesus, we achieve


  • To be an excellent role model for other pupils – live out our Mission.
  • To represent the views of others, even when they may not agree with that view.
  • Contribute and share ideas and thinking at meetings.
  • Ensure that whatever is being discussed by the council is shared with your class.
  • To attend regular meetings.
  • To work effectively in a specific role e.g. secretary.
  • To listen to the views of the children and feedback clearly to the School Council and the rest of the School.
  • To think creatively and introduce ideas and initiatives to enhance the school environment.
  • Be representatives of the school – including taking responsibility to report any poor behaviour on the playground.
  • To be able to verbally communicate clearly and appropriately to pupils across school. This may be in a small group, a classroom or leading full school assemblies.
  • To communicate respectfully with pupils and staff.