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Vocations Week

Vocare is the Latin word for 'to call' - and as a Catholic school we believe the biggest calling we hear is from God. We are called to be holy, called to follow God in our lives, called to use our gifts at work. 


Vocations week is held every other year at Saint James' and this is one of the most popular weeks in school.  In this time, we think about what we are called to be.  Vocations is not simply about jobs and the future - it is living out our calling to serve God in every day.  


Every human is  called by God.  In Baptism, we begin our journey to be closer to us.  Our vocation is strengthened by the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist and further developed in confirmation.

Our gifts are not just for us; the gifts that God gives us are there to be shared.  This is where vocations come from - we believe that every one of us has a calling to share our gifts.


Vocation is not always about what we want to be - it is what God calls us to be.  There will be times that what we want to do matches what we are called to do, and there are times that our vocation is not clear to us.  We pray that God helps us to see what we are being called to be.


Your Vocation Journey

Discover the journey of your vocation

Vocations own clothes day - what do you think God is calling you to be?