St James Catholic

Primary School

In the loving peace, justice and joy of Jesus, we achieve.

School Uniform

Winter                                                                  Summer
Boys                grey trousers                                                        short grey trousers
                        white button through shirt (long/short sleeves)     grey socks                   
                        school tie
                        royal blue v-neck jumper
                        sensible black shoes
                        grey socks
                        Winter                                                                          Summer
Girls                 grey pinafore/skirt                                                   blue/white striped/checked dress
                        or regulation school grey trousers                           sensible black/white sandals                                                                               white button through blouse                                     white socks                                         
                        school tie                                                                                 
                        royal blue v-neck jumper/cardigan                                            
                        sensible black shoes
                        white or grey socks/grey tights
The Governors are very conscious of the price of uniform, hence sweatshirts with/without school logo are no longer a uniform item.  Royal blue v-necked jumpers/cardigans are available at very competitive prices across the range.  These are available from most of the major supermarkets.  


Ties are available to purchase from the school and are available in both clip on and velcro format at £4.00 each.



The School also sell a number of items which have the school logo on.  These are available from the office and are priced as follows:-


These are not compulsory and do not form part of the school uniform.



Baseball Caps   £3.00


Book Bags         £5.50 


PE bags            £4.00