St James Catholic

Primary School

In the loving peace, justice and joy of Jesus, we achieve.

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school:




Mrs A. Backen (Deputy DSL)

Vice Principal:


Mr M. Ingram (DSL, RE, SEND)

Teaching Staff:
(Year group/responsibility)

Mrs L Footman


Miss L. Hall
(Year 1, Phase Leader, music, community cohesion)

Miss K. O’Nions
(Year 2, English, Library)


Mrs S. Jones

(Year 3, mental health lead)


Mrs C. Jefferies

Mrs R. Love 

(Year 4, Art) 

Mr J. Lloyd (Deputy DSL)
(Year 5, Phase Leader, computing)


Ms M Fallon    
(Year 6, Maths, student teacher mentor, science)


Principal Finance Officer

Lumen Christi MAC:


Denise Ward

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J. Bruton

Miss L. Clements

Mrs Y. Darby

Mrs L. Dore (Higher Level TA) (Deputy DSL)

Miss G Eggleton

Mrs M. Plant

Ms K. Robinson
Mrs S. Stowe

Miss C. Kelly

Office Manager:

Mrs C. Kelly

Building Services Supervisor:


Mrs J. Payne

Miss M. Kent

Miss G. Eggleton

Cook Supervisor:


Mrs C. Jordan

Mrs K. Byrne

Lunch-time Assistants:

Mrs C Allsop (Deputy DSL)

Mr R Billington

Mrs P Grant (Lead lunch time assistant)

Mrs R. Hulme

Breakfast Club

Mrs C Allsop (Deputy DSL)

Ms K Robinson

Ms C Kelly

After School Club

Mrs C Allsop (Deputy DSL)

Ms K Robinson

Ms C Kelly

Ms K Kelly

Sports CoachMr R Fellows