St James Catholic

Primary School

In the loving peace, justice and joy of Jesus, we achieve.

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school:




Mrs A. Backen (Deputy DSL)

Vice Principal:


Mr M. Ingram (DSL, RE, SEND)

Teaching Staff:
(Year group/responsibility)

Mrs L Footman


Miss L. Hall
(Year 1, Phase Leader, music, community cohesion)

Miss K. O’Nions
(Year 2, English, Library)

Mrs C. Jefferies

(Year 3, Science ) 

Mrs R. Love
(Year 3, art)


Ms C Woodhead

(Year 4, Location Learning, PSHE)

Mr J. Lloyd (Deputy DSL)
(Year 5, Phase Leader, ICT)


Ms M Fallon    
(Year 6, Maths, student teacher mentor, science)


Principal Finance Officer

Lumen Christi MAC:


Emma Samuel

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J. Bruton

Miss L. Clements

Mrs Y. Darby

Mrs L. Dore (Higher Level TA) (Deputy DSL)

Miss G Eggleton

Mrs S. Jones

Mrs M. Plant
Mrs S. Stowe

Mrs A Masterson

Office Manager:

Mrs C. Kelly

Building Services Supervisor:




Mrs J. Payne

Miss K. Kelly

Miss B Bullock

Miss E Kelly

Cook Supervisor:


Mrs C. Jordan

Mrs K. Byrne

Lunch-time Assistants:

Mrs P. Grant (Senior Supervisor)

Mr   R. Billington

Ms. G Eggleton 

Mrs C Allsop 

Mrs R. Hulme

Mrs A. Masterson

Breakfast Club

Ms G Eggleton

Mrs C Allsop (Deputy DSL)

After School Club

Ms G Eggleton

Mrs C Allsop (Deputy DSL)

Sports Coach Mr R Fellows
Sports Apprentice Miss E Smith