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Home Schooling

Update 8/4/20 - The DfE have published a list of recommended sites that they deem educationally beneficial for children.  they may be found here.

Every child has already received a copy of their BGFL 365 login and has been shown how to access materials.  If you do not have this login, please contact m.ingram@stjamescatholicprimary.



The tile that states ‘Home Learning’ will contain a folder for every day.  It will give clear guidance of tasks that the children can complete as well as any resources that are needed for that lesson.  For example, a child may have to complete a table on an online document.  The class teachers will be able to look at what the children have completed and their responses – we are not expecting the teachers to mark this work individually, but there will be some sort of general feedback in the next day’s folder.

There is also a list of home learning websites – this will be updated when new ‘home learning’ sites pop up.


Will my child receive home reading books?

We have taken the decision to NOT send home learning books at this time.  However, KS1 and EYFS have access to online books via the BGFL link.  KS2 children also have access to classic books.


What other logins should my child have?

Reception and Year 1 children should have the Activ-Learn accounts.  Year 2-6 should have Numbots and/or TT Rockstar accounts. Year 6 should also have Sats Companion accounts.  Again, if you are unable to access these, please contact


What if my child needs help with the work?

As mentioned above, the teachers will be monitoring the work produced by the children.  They will guide the class as a whole by the next day’s work.  We appreciate that you as parents will be trying to juggle many things at one time, so please do not allow this work to become a point of conflict or source of stress.  Encourage your child to do what they can and let the teachers look at what the class as a whole have achieved.


What if I have problems getting online?

If you do not have access to the internet, every child is also taking home more traditional materials. 

Contact the school at if you need any support.