St James Catholic

Primary School

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Autumn 2020

School re-opens on Thursday 3 September and for some it will be their first time in school since March.  We have made every effort to make things as welcoming and as safe as possible for children’s return.

What are times of the school day? Are these times staggered?

As we can use four gates, it is not necessary to stagger school times. School gates open at 8:40am with the school itself opening at 8:45am until 9am.  All lessons will finish at 3:30pm for every class.

What do I need to wear to school?

We are expecting children to now come to school in their school uniform or outdoor uniform (see below) on their days.  Coats will be placed on the back of chairs.

What do children need to bring to school?

We are not yet in a position to re-open the cloak rooms – as a consequence, we are only able to accept book bags in Key Stage 1 only.   

What is happening with lunch?

For the beginning of this term, every child will eat a packed lunch.  This will be eaten in the classroom with supervision from the class teacher.  Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and any children whose parents have successfully applied for free school meals in KS2 are entitled to a lunch provided by the school kitchen, however parents of these children may also choose to provide a packed lunch from home.

Will breakfast club and after school club be running?

The breakfast club and after school clubs will run from Monday 8 September.  We are working to ensure that each child is kept safe by maintaining the ‘bubble’ structure.  We have enhanced cleaning regimes and have maximised spacing between children.  However, we do need parents to re-register with Mrs Kelly and spaces will be more limited.

What door do I use?

Reception: Enter through front gate then head towards Reception gate.

Y1 and Y2: Enter through church car park gate.

Please say goodbye to your children on the playground and follow the one-way system back up to the church car park gate.  In the afternoon, your child will come to meet you on the playground – follow the same route as before.

Y3 and Y4 Enter through the school car park gate

Please do not come onto the car park in the morning – we will open the gate for the children to come in.  We would expect parents to socially distance outside on the pavement. At home time, we will bring the classes onto the car park and dismiss individually

Y5 and Y6 Enter through Newman Way gate.

A one-way system will be in place for the mornings. Please walk your child to their teacher’s door and then continue walking past the hall doors and double-back on yourselves, going across the grass back to the Newman Way gate.  In the afternoons, we ask parents to stand on the grass (not on the pavement) so that we can dismiss the children safely.

I have two children who need to be dropped off at different doors – what shall I do?

All gates open at 8:40.   However, we recognise that some parents may have to get to work quickly.  In which case, please discuss with a member of staff.

I have to collect children from two places.  What should I do?

For the first few weeks, we would ask that you collect the youngest child first, making your way up to the eldest.

Do I have to bring stationery?

At the end of last academic year we informed all parents about how it has been necessary to clean every item of stationery daily.  We have sourced a filled, transparent pencil case for each child but need to ask parents for a contribution of £5. This is available to purchase on ParentPay.

How can I speak to the class teacher?

Traditionally, parents have been able to speak to teachers directly at the door.  This will be more challenging as we are asking parents to not come to the door at this time.  However, a member of staff will be on every door to ensure that messages get through as much as possible.

When does my child wear their outdoor learning kit?

Tuesdays – Year 5 and 6

Wednesdays – Year 1 and 2

Thursdays – selected breakout groups KS2 (we will inform parents in due course of these)

Fridays – Reception, Key Stage 1, Years 3 and 4.

Is milk available for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2?

Milk is available for Reception and Key Stage 1.  This is now available to purchase on ParentPay. This will close on Tuesday 8 September.

Are toast and juice available for Key Stage 2?

No. However, milk is available at this time for KS2.  Please pay by Tuesday 8 September

Are reading books and homework books going home?

Reading books will be going home at the start of the term in Key Stage 1.  However, we will be moving towards more homework being completed online so no homework books shall be issued.