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The Parent Forum met on 30th September 2014. It was a very positive meeting with many different topics arising. A brief summary of our meeting is detailed below.


Discussion topic

School response

What is happening about a breakfast club?

The School Business Manager created a viability audit for the Governors who considered the feasibility of a breakfast club in the summer term.  The governors requested more details before committing to any plan. Preliminary investigations have now begun about using the Parish centre as the school has no usable space or funds.

Are the arts/music clubs returning for Key Stage 1?

A parent volunteer has approached school and we are looking at that club beginning in Spring term.

There was a previous stated aim of having one trip per term to support topics. Is this still the aim?

Where possible, we would like this to continue, yet we are aware of increased costs for parents.  The school will continue to monitor this, especially as we will soon have a newly purchased a minibus to make transport easier.

Have we made progress in communicating spelling results?

Steps have been taken to improve how we communicate spelling results to parents as we know parents want to help their children. Trials of a new system in Years 1 and 2 are looking promising and we will look at how to transfer this into other years,

Can we have some guidelines regarding what absences will/will not be authorised?

The school is part of the Spotlight program and as such very few absences may be authorised by the Head Teacher. Our attendance figures were well above expectations last year as a result of parental and children’s support.

Would we be able to have a Carol service for the parents at Christmas?

Yes! Miss Hall is putting together an event to be held in the church/Parish centre and when details are finalised we will inform parents.

The school dinner menu doesn’t always correspond with what my children are served.  Why is this?

This is sometimes due to delivery issues.  Where possible, Citiserve (the company who deliver dinners for the school) try to keep with the dinner menu, as detailed on the school website. Having spoken to our school cook, she has advised that she is trialling new menus to accommodate the increased uptake of school meals; she is very happy to receive suggestions regarding the school menu.

Can we have an alternative to potatoes on the school dinner?

We have spoken to the kitchen about this request. Pasta is available on the salad bar and we are increasing the availability of hot rice.

Why was the Twitter account closed?

Unfortunately the school received some very negative tweets that, to an outsider, would reflect badly on our parents.  Our parents are overwhelmingly supportive and whilst the tweets came from accounts not linked to our parents, it was decided to suspend the Twitter account.  We will continue to monitor demand for Twitter.

Can we have some feedback from project homework from Key Stage 1?

We will look at how we give parents feedback about project homework, especially as we can see how much effort is made by parents!

Can we see books at Parents’ Consultation Evenings?

We are looking into ways of making this achievable for parents.

Can my children take books home at the end of the year?

RE, Maths and English books are sent up to next class teacher every year so that we can ensure that each child continues to make progress in their new class. We are looking at establishing a new system of sending home a ‘best book’ at the end of every academic year.

Does School Fund still exist?

Some schools suggest that each family pay into a ‘school fund’, a voluntary contribution to purchase extra equipment. Saint James’ School has never requested school fund from parents. However, there is a school fund account into which fundraising efforts are banked. People have in the past given money to school and it has been banked in this account.

What is happening with a school minibus?

A minibus has been ordered.  It has been ordered via Birmingham City Council.  However, we will still need to collect funds to maintain the minibus.  The Friends have agreed to donate 50% of all their fundraising to the upkeep of the minibus.

Why is there only one parent governor on the school’s governing body?

Our governors are made up of twelve with the current constitution being one elected parent governor and three foundation parent governors

Our governing body is constituted at the instructions of the Diocesan School Committee who give guidelines for the make up of our governing body. Whilst there is only one space for elected parent governor, this does not mean foundation governors cannot be parents also; in July we advertised for foundation parent governors. The parent governor in this school is elected every four years.



Minutes of March 2014 Meeting